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Have you ever thought "wouldn't it be great to see the direct result of my contribution?" Do you believe charity begins at home? how can we help others overseas when there are people in our own back yard tha do not have the basics of life and yet they do not qualify for food stamps or any other supportive program....... Here is a chance to see your donations at work..... I am not running a confidence scam, i am sincerly pleading for help. We are at the time where something has to give, or the stress will break us. We are simple honest hardworking family that is desprite need of a car. The last few years have been ones of turmoil and upheaval, a constant uphill struggle just to survive day to day and through it all i have kept my faith. Countless times in my life and house i have helped people, given places to stay, food to eat, a shoulder to cry on and a few dollars for those in need, always with the idea of paying it forward, I never asked anyone for anything..........till now. please feel free to read my blog, it is a cronical of these hard times and triumps, and if you or someone you know can help...... please spread the word. I believe the Holy spirit has led me to this path and place this call out for help. In the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Thank you.
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Psalm 136:1-3
Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the God of gods, for his steadfast love endures forever. Give thanks to the Lord of lords, for his steadfast love endures forever....
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How kind is our Sacramental Jesus! He welcomes you at any hour of the day or night. His Love never knows rest. He is always most gentle towards you. When you visit Him, He forgets your sins and speaks only of His joy, His tenderness, and His Love. By the reception He gives to you, one would think He has need of you to make Him happy.
– St. Peter Julian Eymard
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Eucharist Poetry


Holy waters of remembrance
Led by the breath of heaven
Finger-tipped palms greet Him
Light and word process to His side

Tears wiped by song
Sacrifices of worship
Children twirl
Upon the threshing floor

Blessed by death
Released in resurrection
Empowered by Spirit
Adoption by blood

Heaven welcomes hearts
Saints encircle sinners
Invisible God showing
Himself In Christ

Vows renewed
Patterns of rosary
Colors of honor
Ancient testimony

They who were not a people
Become the tribe
Emptied fragments
Form the body

From the foundation of the world.

Wohali 2006
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If only we had the humility to realize that He alone is Goodness and makes us good. As soon as we come into His Presence in the Eucharist, our souls respond to the power before them like a sunflower turning toward the sun.

His silent Presence, hidden in the tabernacle, says to each one of us, "I love you. Come to me all you who labor and are burdened and I will refresh you. Come to the fountain of life and drink. Tell Me your problems. Listen to My voice. I tug at your heart, guiding your way and smoothing your path."

There is between the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus and the soul, a silent exchange of love, a sharing of pain, an inaudible dialogue between two who know each other perfectly and love each other deeply.

It is as if the soul sees itself in a perfect Mirror and knows clearly its faults and imperfections. A strange phenomenon occurs as the soul gazes at Jesus. Its own reflection becomes brighter. Its faults fade away and one day that "soul is turned–transformed into the image it reflected." (2 Cor 3:18)

This being true, why do we permit our souls to die of thirst when the Fountain of Living water is just around the corner?

To Leave And Yet To Stay

Mother Angelica
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In memory of Jesus, we gather and give thanks;
In memory of Jesus, we speak, we pray.
In memory of Jesus, we take and eat;
all in memory of Him.

Remembering the manna, the heavenly bread;
remembering the day thousands were fed;
remembering the Supper, the meal of the Twelve;
we do all in memory of Him.

His memory is with us; His memory is near;
the day he died to free us, the death that conquered fear!
The day the Father raised Him, the day of new life;
His memory lives with us to this day!

May we become a blessed people!
Blessed and broken as is this bread:
blest and fed by His body and blood:
broken in love of one another.

In Memory of Jesus by Carey Landry 1979

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Pope Benedict on Communion...

The Church, “in spite of all human frailties”, expresses the communion, the “participation in trinitary life”. It is a “gift that brings us out of our solitude and enables us to participate in the love that binds us to God and to one another.” We can understand its greatness “only if we consider the divisions and conflicts that afflict relations between individuals, groups and entire peoples.”

Pope Benedict XVI
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