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the communion is corruptible and incorruptible simultaneously [Jul. 29th, 2007|08:05 pm]


Concerning the question about peacock as the symbol of resurrection in close connection with the tradition about incorruptibility of peacock’s meat it must be remember the theological dispute on the same theme. In XII c. monk Michael Sikidit in his «Theological chapters to the unintelligible pages of Holy Scripture» expressed persuasion that the communion is corruptible and incorruptible simultaneously: it is corruptible after sacring before eucharist, and it is incorruptible immediately after the eucharist. Before priest or layman tasted the Holy Sacrament, it is as passive and mortal, as it was subjected to suffering and death, when Eucharist was established on by the Lord’s Supper. It is truly divided, it is crushed and eats up by the teeth of communicats. But as it rose in incorruptibility, impassivity and glory after death on the cross and burial, so it occurs also in the Liturgy, when having been buried in communicat it rises immediately in the glory, being connected with the essence of the soul of communicat, granting it to its incorruptibility and renew it to the eternal life.
This impious person - monk Michael Sikidit - taught together with other absurdities that the Holy Sacrament and Lord’s blood given to us in the communion are corruptible and it forms only the victim, deprived of reason and of soul, and that in the sacrament of communion we do not assume entire Christ, but only His part, and which therefore- that expanded in communion is material, it is mortal, it is subjected to a touch and a feeling of sight.