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(Off Topic) Concern Poetry - o saving victim — LiveJournal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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(Off Topic) Concern Poetry [May. 4th, 2007|08:22 pm]
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Abortion is a big topic in today’s society.
It’s wrong, and kills a life, not given a chance to survive.
Pro-choice: it’s your own decision, my parents don’t even have to know, I screwed up, but don’t want to pay the price… so we’ll destroy the evidence… it’s not a life, it’s just a blob of cells, it doesn’t mean anything.
I am Pro-life, and proud to be.
Decisions, decisions… you play, you pay for it. That “blob of cells”, if given the chance, could have been one of America’s greatest leaders, the next Nashville Star, the scientist that discovered the long-awaited cure for cancer…but…
It’s just a blob of cells, so we’ll flush it out of my body and down the toilet like a lifeless tissue paper.

You destroyed my dreams
Made me feel worthless and scared
I felt trapped for the longest time, like I’d never be set free.
Everywhere I turned was a trap door with no knob.
Even after you died, I was still trapped inside the negativity zone that you had created for me.
New friends helped, and made me see…
But you still kept haunting me.
I met Jesse; the love of my life… but that was a short-lived relationship because the Lord took him away.
Sue is my best friend, she cares for me a lot, and helps me push past the negative barriers you put up around me.
You thought you had done me over, had me ruined… and you did.
Then I recruited a new army of friends, and now Sue and I are destined to conquer over this battle, and claim Victorious over your stupidity and jealousy.